Children's Pool beach "Seal Beach"

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by debzillla on March 21, 2003

La Jolla ~ Friend of the Seals
The beach was originally built as a children’s pool (in the 20s I think) with a breakwater to protect the children for the ocean waves. About 10 years ago seals took over the beach (they liked the protection from the waves too). Now it is a protected area and visitors can walk along the break wall to see the seals mostly just basking in the sun, but February through April is when pups/babies are born, and we saw there were few (I saw three). One was sleeping with mom and the others were out playing in the water, with mom at their sides - cute. We had a really nice time, and we'll be back every spring!

From the Beaches you can hike if you are up for an adventure OR catch the 34A bus on Mission Blvd. to La Jolla ($2).

March 2003 UPDATE - City council is planning to rid the beach of the seals so humans can use it, please help SAVE the SEALS!

The Children's Pool Beach
850 Coast Boulevard
San Diego, California

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