Thermal baths

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The biggest thermal bath in the city is housed in the Gellart hotel, a beautiful Art Deco-type building with amazing Turkish baths. There are three levels to the baths, with men and women segrated and a mixed main indoor bath/pool as well as an outdoor one in the summer.

First, you pay the entrance fee about 7 euros, and then you go to the locker rooms to get undressed. You're given a key which you are supposed to put somewhere (it's a bit hard when you're naked). Then you can go the bath area. You have to make your way past some very strong Hungarian masseuses with a line of women waiting for their masssages. Then you come to two large thermal pools with water coming out from gorgeous gargoyle spouts. One pool has warmer water than the other. After soaking a bit (and looking up at the gorgeous mural dome ceiling), shower off and get dressed, or get a beauty treatment downstairs.

Gellart is the only bath in Budapest that women can go to any day of the week. Most baths have one day of the week for women, and the rest are for men.

Gellert Baths
Kelenhegyi ut, 4-6
Budapest, Hungary, 1118
+36 1 466 6616

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