The Desert Passage

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Muchmor on July 28, 2003

The Desert Passage is a shopping mall which adjoins the Aladdin hotel. It forms a large circle of shops, restaurants with spurs off and is themed throughout as a North African market place. There are appox 150 shops, about 10 restaurants and even has a nightclub and theatre. It is approximately a mile long and pedicabs are available if you don’t feel like walking. (Men & women who have carriages on the back of their bikes ferry you around for the price of a tip.)

The ceiling is a sky mural, so you think you are outside (well, sort of), there are elephants coming out of the walls, ships "sailing" down the corridors and cobbled floors.

One section of the mall has an area called Merchants Harbor in which they recreate a thunderstorm – remember this is inside! The sound is quite realistic which thunder clapping getting louder & louder, until finally fading away. Streaks of lightening flash down from the sky and rain falls over an indoor river. This takes place every hour on the hour in the week and ever half hour at weekends.

This is a very nice shopping mall, one of the best in Vegas. There are many specialty shops such as the The Cheesecake Factory, Hawaiian shops, Surfing shops, health & beauty, photo, children’s, jewellery, memorabilia etc.

Well worth a visit, even if you are not actually staying at the Aladdin.

TIP: Take a walk round in the morning before it actually opens. You will hear all the sound effects of a market and people calling out across the balconies etc. It is a nice touch that you will miss during the day when it is busy and noisy.
Desert Passage at the Aladdin
3663 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89019
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