El Rancho De Los Golandrinas

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by dawn on April 10, 2001

This is a living history museum located on 200 acres that is just amazing! Costumed guides will meet you and begin a journey back to 1700 at this site which was the last stop of the "El Camino Royale" trail that led to Mexico City from Santa Fe.

If you were at the American stage stops, this visit will have a certain amount of culture shock that is sharply distinct. The main adobe building was built for defense with gunhole sized windows, but it isn't as grand as Bents Fort. The red adobe dwelling is Mexican and Spanish in each and every detail-including the little chapel with the altar screen that was brought from Spain.

Outside the main compound, you will walk through the past when you visit the molasses mill, the church,the threshing mill, the schoolhouse and blacksmiths shop...ending up at a mountain village that looks familiar because it was in the movie " Young Guns." The paths between these buildings are all natural and wander among fields that are planted in corn or sorghum and corrals that hold the special Barb horses of the Spanish and other animals needed for a self sufficient life in the wilderness. Guides are all along the way...living life as it would have been done back then...such as grinding grain into flour or making lye soap over an open fire.

There are many special events held here throughout the year such as civil war enactments, spring festivals at the Spanish Ranch where the Churro sheep are sheared before your eyes and live music fills the air. There's a Santa Fe Wine festival and a mountain man enactment on different weekends. The harvest festival shows how sorghum was collected and made into molasses and other preparations for winter.

Every weekend has different kinds of hands-on family crafts such as "How to make a Chilli Ristra" or "How to make adobe bricks". We were told that visitors helped construct one of the adobe dwellings here. There are often storytellers to spin many a tale that is quite fun too.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas
334 Los Pinos Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505
+1 505 471 2261


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