The Vatican

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by saraherose on April 5, 2001

i imagine that on a normal day when there aren't six million christian youths who have descended upon rome to celebrate the millennial jubilee and who, while awaiting their dedicated sunday mass with the pope, have nothing to do but wait in line for HOURS in the blazing hot italian summer sun to get into the vatican, it is a relatively painless effort to move about vatican city. even in face of all this humanity, i found the experience of being in this city-within-a-city to be awe inspiring. the simple fact that this place exists independently of rome (it even has its own separate police force) is miraculous, but when you set foot within the walls of this city, you truly feel as if you are stepping into a place where history has been made. from the genius in the artisanry of the statuary in the square as you approach the vatican to the musical prayers chanted from loudspeakers throughout the campus like angels from on high, even the staunchest agnostic would be hard-pressed not to admit a tremendous appreciation for the splendor of this iconoclastic enclave.

once at vatican city, your visit really would not be complete without a stop at the museum of the vatican, which cost 18,000 lire (about US$9) to get in and was worth double the entry price to be able to stand inside the sistine chapel and look skyward to see michelangelo's face of god.

Vatican City
Rome, Italy

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