Red Light District

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by TyGuy on March 29, 2001

You've heard it all and I can only hope to put a little perspective on the matter. By all means you should visit the place, but don't expect an all out party going on. You'll get a good chuckle out of seeing the gals in their windows staring you straight in the eye trying to lure you in. You can spend about an hour in this area without getting bored. In addition to the gals in the windows there are numerous 'coffee shops' in the area and street dealers. Ignore the street dealers and they should leave you alone. Amsterdam is actually very safe and the Red Light District is probably safer than most US cities.

Pop into a coffee shop if your so inclined and indulge in smoking without worrying about being busted by the man. You can legally carry 5 grams on your person, but wash your clothes before returning home as some countries aren't so forgiving.

One final thought....... Keep an open mind! They have a common sense approach to all this. The Netherlands may allow prostitution and soft drugs, but they also keep it off the street. You won't find street walkers a common site in Amsterdam as you do in many US cities. And if you compare the Netherlands with the USA (with our "War on Drugs") you'll find the per capita rate of hard drug users is much lower in the Netherlands.

Red Light District
Oz Vootburgwal and Oz Achterburgwal
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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