New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest)

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by RosePetals220 on February 18, 2003

Jazz Fest has something for everyone. What was started as primarily a music festival, Jazz fest has evolved into a celebration of culture, food, music, and fun. This is most similiar to any outdoor concert you've been to, but unlike anything you've ever been to before.

What to expect:
* Several stages (10-20+), with a different artist on each stage. At any one given time, you can choose between 10+ acts.
* Various musical acts from all around the country, ranging from famous New Orleanians (the Nevilles), to Popular Stars (Lil' Romeo, Better than Ezra) to local church and school choirs.
* Various types of food, with lots of homegrown New Orleans choices, like Seafood po' boys, gumbo, crawfish etoufee, crawfish bread, fried okra, etc. For the unadventurous type, there's also stuff like turkey legs, chicken, and pasta. And lots and lots of drinks. Smoothies, Lemonade, and of course, beer!!
* Several areas with booths, like a crafts fair. You'll be able to view and purchase anything from custom made dog bowls, to ties, to scarfs.
* Areas with cultural exhibits, similiar to indoor museums with movies, slides, pictures, etc.

Also, be prepared for:
* The HOT New Orleans sun. Do not underestimate this. Best way to dress: shorts (or light pants, flowy long skirts), and a tank top. You may want to keep another t-shirt on that you can easily remove. Many also wear bathing suit tops.
* No chairs. This is outdoors, you WILL be sitting in the grass. And mud. Bring a picnic blanket.
*No parking. Unless you want to walk blocks, try using the Free Shuttle service. You can park at City park, or other locations around town, and be shuttled. Saves a lot of time/effort.

Hot tips:
* Food/Drinks are a bit expensive, so try sneaking some bottled water in with you!
* Don't forget a camera! And pen, for autographs
* Buy tickets at the door to save the Ticketmaster service charge
* When eating, if you're okay with missing out on the music for a bit, go sit in the museum (or one of the covered presentation Q&A areas) for air conditioning
* See the inside areas for bathrooms (clean) as well to avoid those Port O Potties.

Jazz Fest is a GREAT experience, whether you love music, culture, or having a good time! Make sure you check it out!

New Orleans Fair Grounds and Racetrack
1751 Gentilly Blvd.
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70116
(504) 522-4786

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