Baker Beach

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by tmhhmt on March 7, 2003

I loved the beach in Alameda--then I had my first taste of Baker Beach. The drive there through the Presidio is gorgeous and full of curves, probably great fun on a motorcycle. I pulled over dozens of times to take pictures on our way to the beach.

Baker Beach is another of the wind-free beaches in the bay area (I'm used to the beaches near Richmond/Outer Sunset where the sun rarely shines and the wind chills your skin). There are sand dunes, native grasses, a superb (remarkable, fantastic, your favorite superlative here . . .) view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin headlands. There's not much surf, but I was told it's a bad place to swim--not at all safe.

The day I was there, the sun was shining, babies were playing in the sand, families were splashing in the surf, and there were picnickers in the grass above the parking lot as well as in the sand. No one was having a bad time. The beach is just over a mile long--perfect for a short stroll.

It's apparently also a very popular place to take photographs--a friend sho is a wedding photographer ranks it as one of her top-ten requested spots in town.

Two things to be aware of: one, the far north side of the beach is for nudists (supposed to be very nice and quite popular), and two, the parking lot is an all day/all night make-out spot. I saw a thing or three I wasn't expecting to see in the middle of the day in a crowded parking lot.

Baker Beach
Bowley Street off Lincoln Boulevard
San Francisco, California

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