Old San Juan

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Old San Juan is a historic distric at the west end of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is very walkable. Among the notable sights are two of the oldest structures in the Americas, the forts of El Morro and San Cristobol. In addition, many colonial-era buildings can be found, as well as narrow cobbled streets lined by old Spanish-style town houses.

Various shopping and dining are available in Old San Juan also, including many crafts stores. Arte y Mascaras, a bit west of the main cruise-ship dock, sells artwork, including Ponce Carnival masks, while Haitian gallery, on Calle Forteleza near the Plaza Colon, sells many fascinating pieces of Haitian art.

Just walking around Old San Juan, with its graceful old buildings, tropical climate, and generous amounts of public art, can be a great treat.

Old San Juan
Old San Juan
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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