Saint Nicholas Church

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by bladybug65 on March 22, 2001

We went to this cathedral after a long day which had already included visits to three or four other cathedrals (I actually lost count). This one was almost a let down after Saint Bavo's (almost). It doesn't have the famous paintings that St. Bavo's has, but it much brighter and more uplifting. Yet it is still more grand than anything I have ever seen in the United States. My suggestion would be to start with St. Nicholas (and St. Michael's which is nearby), then work your way up to St. Bavo's cathedral and the masterpieces it contains. One word of warning, don't attempt to try to view anything when a mass is about to start; we were practically chased out by a little old lady.
Saint Nicholas Church
Ghent, Belgium

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