Fourth of July on the National Mall

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Washington, DC, holds a huge party every year on Independance Day right on the National Mall. Since it happens concurrently with the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (separate entry on that) it is a very busy, crowded day, but can be a great deal of fun.

Typically there are a variety of concerts happening, usually a pop concert on the Washington Monument Grounds, a country concert near the Air and Space Museum (these may vary; check a day or two ahead with the National Park Service, they will know what is going on) and always the National Symphony on the Capitol Grounds.

Of course there are fireworks, one of the finest displays in the country. The best seats are on the Washington Monument Grounds, but you will need to arrive fairly early, get a seat, drop a blanket, and leave someone to guard it in order to snag one of those seats. Not to worry, though, the show is perfectly visible all the way down the mall (make sure you are not blocked by one of the Folklife Festival Structures) and even across the river in Virginia.

Some hints:

Best metro stops for this range from Metro Center to Capitol South on the Blue and Orange Line, Gallery Place through Union Station on the Red Line, and Gallery Place to L'Enfant Plaza on Yellow and Green. Note that last year Smithsonian Station was closed.

Fourth of July Celebration
The National Mall
Washington, District of Columbia

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