Berlin's Kufurstendamm and Kaiser Wilhelm Kirche

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by JulieHolm on February 7, 2003

Kufurstendamm, or Prince's Way, is a large broad boulevard through former West Berlin, ending on one end at the Tiergarten in the center of Berlin. It is lined with chic boutiques and restaurants. In warm weather outdoor tables line the road and side roads, and you can have a Berliner Weisse (wheat beer mixed with sweet syrup) while you watch the world go by. At one end the bombed out shell of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedanskirche greets you. Left in the state it was in after the bombing of Berlin at the end of the second World War, this structure gives you a feeling for the devastation of this city at that time.
Berlin, Germany, 10789
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