Member Rating 4 out of 5 by C_Wheel on January 5, 2003

Halloween is one of the big celebrations in America and especially in New Orleans, the city that like to dress up and party. There are numerous Halloween parties--Anne Rice's Monsters Ball among them.

The French Quarter itself turns into a huge street party. The roads are packed with people overflowing from the bars dressed in all manner of weird and wonderful costumes, or in some cases nothing much at all. Anyone in normal dress is definitely in the minority. The streets are filled with people; at times it's difficult to walk, and if your group gets split up, don't expect to find them again.

We saw a music parade march through the crowd and joined the people dancing behind them; for a while, we were part of the entertainment and found a way through the masses.

It was a fantastic night--everyone in costume, everyone partying. It's an amazing atmosphere and, I think, one of the best places to be at Halloween.

French Quarter

New Orleans, Louisiana


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