"Speed" ride at the Sahara

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by momoftwo on January 14, 2003

SPEED . . . Wow . . . when you first get to the Sahara, you can see the end of this ride (see pic), and if you love roller-coasters at all, you must ride this one.

Once inside the Sahara, you can buy a one-time ride, two-time ride, or all-day pass. Since we were staying in the hotel, we bought an all-day pass, which includes the Indy cars and NASCAR--pretty good deal considering the NASCAR speedway was $6 just for one go.

Don't forget to get your coupon book . . . there is a $4-off coupon for a full-day pass.

This ride literally rockets you out to 70 miles per hour in 2 seconds. It is such a rush . . . then you go through a loop and up a huge tower where you experience zero Gs, then back down . . . through the loop and back again. It's a short ride, but I was shaking after each ride. Not a good ride after a late night out drinking.

The Indy and NASCAR races were neat; you race in a full-size car against seven other cars. You are inside your own area with a fully surrounded screen, so you feel everything. It takes a bit to get used to the cars; you can drive manual or automatic and they do give you a "training course" before you start. When you are finished, you get a printout with your rank and other vital NASCAR fan info.

When you've finished, head on up to the NASCAR Cafe for a beer.

SPEED - The Ride
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