Cubana ( I think!)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by leanne123 on September 2, 2002

We decided to take the day trip to Havana. It was well worth the $70US even though we didn't get to see some stuff we had wanted. The bus picks you up at your hotel - there was me and my sister, another Canadian couple, and 4 Canaries (is that what you call people form the Canary Islands?!). The drive to Havana took about 2 hours, and we stopped at a few rest stops along the road. You pass by some beautiful scenery, as well as some not-so-beautiful scenery. We crossed the highest bridge in Cuba - what a view! Drove though Matazas, and other towns - beautiful architecture, but it's crumbling away. Our driver, Elio, used to honk the horn at any girls that were walking along the road - he was hilarious. Our tour guide (I can't remeber his name) was really great - knew so much, and he spent the two hours into Havana switching back from English (for us) to Spanish (for the Canaries), repeating everything he had just said. Finally made it to Havana - I would never want to drive myself! These people are CRAZY drivers! We drove through an underground tunnel that brought us to the old part of the city where we got out to start our city walk. The old part of the city was beautiful - we saw Plaza de Armas, Castillo de la Real Fuertza, Palacio de los Capitanes Generales which is now a museum, Catedral de San Cristobal de la Habana in the Plaza de la Catedral (BEAUTIFUL), and the list goes on and on. Then we were off to see El Morro and El Fuertiliza???(where Che Guevera used to live)(great views) (I can't remeber the correct name), where we ate lunch (not so great). Then, we went back down to the city where we drove around a bit before ending up at a market near the Malecon - got to shop for a while, bought some really nice wood carvings and paintings. Too much stuff to list here. I can't wait to go back - gonna do the Hemmingway tour next time.
Havana Day Trip
Varadero, Cuba

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