Boulders Beach

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by BeAdventureous! on July 6, 2001

Hang on the main swimming beach, or stand in the clear calm water, and before you know it, there they are, African penquins! Previously know as jackass penquins, they are curious, inquistive little tuxecedo creatures. A beach has been fenced for them to breed in, accessible to you by a series of boardwalks that lead right to observe them. Talk about a kodak moment... but be warned....they bite!! Ouch..

To get to Boulders Beach, you must hike down past local homes brimming with lush tropical landscape, to the water front. Happy trails. Amid boulders, you will see native families enjoying the sun. Join them...

Boulders Beach (Penguin Colony)
4 Boulders Place Simon's Town
Cape Town, South Africa
+27 (21) 786 1758

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