Montreal Botanical Garden

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by PabloDiablo on February 13, 2001

We went to the Botanical Gardens because that's where the Insectarium is located. Afterwards, we hung around because the gardens are beautiful, and the day was absolutely gorgeous. The gardens around the Insectarium were put there specifically to attract local insects in the summer, to complement those inside the building, I guess. There are more gardens than those immediately surrounding the museum, though.

We were going to leave after walking around the Insectarium, and head over to the old port, but...we found the tram. Or rather, the tram found us. There's an open-air tram that takes visitors around the gardens, and we, being the three laziest college students you've ever seen in your life, decided to give it a whirl. Let me tell you, the tram is amazing. It's the most relaxing thing in the entire city of Montreal. There's a voice piped over the speakers in the roof that gives you some information about the gardens you're passing through, complete with birds in the background (in case you don't hear any real birds, I guess). Mostly, though, you just sit and let the world go by. We went around three times before forcing ourselves to be normal and do something else.
Montreal Botanical Garden
4101 rue Sherbrooke Est
Montreal, Quebec, H1X 2B2
(514) 872-1400

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