Denver Center of the Performing Arts

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The Denver Performing Arts Complex occupies the equivalent of four city blocks. It is home to nine different theatres, varying in size, and is the second largest performing arts center in the nation. Broadway plays are performed in both the Buell and the Auditorium theatres, and the Buell Theatre also provides the stage for ballet productions. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra and Opera Hall performances take place in the Boettcher Concert Hall, and Denver Center Theatre Company productions take place in the Helen Bonfils Theatre. The Galleria Theatre provides still another stage for a variety of types of performances which patrons can enjoy while sipping their favorite cocktail.

The Buell provides a superb stage for musical productions, but pass on any non-musicals that are presented in this theatre unless you can get seats in one of the front rows. The theatre is just too large, and you lose the expressions on the actors' faces. However, I've thoroughly enjoyed both the musical and the non-musical productions I've seen presented at the Helen Bonfils Theatre and the Galleria Theatre. These smaller staging arenas allow you to enjoy all aspects of the performance from virtually any seat in the house.

Tickets to all the productions can be purchased at the complex itself. It's not hard to find. As you approach 14th Street, a large neon sign announcing the current production schedule will let you know that you have arrived.
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
1245 Champa St
Denver, Colorado, 80204
+1 303 893 4100; +1

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