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This park is located 45 minutes North of Chicago. Take I-94 north (sign will say West just to confuse the heck out of visitors!) to Grand Ave., which is Rt. 132.

Discount coupons are often offered by Jewel food stores, at McDonalds, and local entertainment bookstores. The park also offers a " twicket" program where you can come back the next day for $ 5.00.

The park opens around 10:00a.m. and closes at 10:00p.m. My kids are old enough that we usually stay most of those hours and we certainly get our fill of the new generation thrill rides! We had a Rotary exchange student from Norway who rated this park as "the best place in Chicago!" (from a 16 year-olds viewpoint!) We are talking about 8 mega adrenalin roller coasters including the RAGING BULL that drops you 200 ft. at a speed of 73 M.P.H.! You can stand on the Iron Wolf coaster, hang with your feet free on the Batman ride while the rest of them will twist, turn, plunge, and scream your body into a pretzel shape! Sound like fun?

I like the water plume rides the best.... the logs and the roaring rapids....which is a great way to cool off in the hot summers Chicago often gets.

For the non-riders of the group, there is plenty to do. The park is divided into several lands, such as the County Fair, the Yukon Territory, and Yankee harbor. Every " land" has live entertainment, shops, food, and rides for the fainter of heart or the shorter of stature. I'd like to point out the double decker marry-go-round at the entrance and the special kids land where you have to be UNDER 43 inches and 10 years of age to enjoy many activities such as the bouncing moon walks, the ball pens, and the climbing fortress. In between all of this, dressed up Looney Tune characters entertain everyone with their antics and pose for pictures.... even with my grandmother...who was not a tame women as she rode the roller coasters into her early 70's! To help save on costs, you can pack a picnic lunch and keep the cooler in your car and get it later, or there are lockers to your left as you enter the park. Be sure to have several things with you during the day:

sunscreen and a change of clothing ( we usually wear our bathing suits with shorts to ride the water rides, and change to warmer clothing as the sun sets. A light jacket is often needed even in summer at night.) Water bottles on a hot day are a good idea too.... repetitive drinks can break the bank if you have to keep buying them!

My favorite place to eat? At the south end of the park, just below the air tram ride, is the hot waffle house that serves freshly made waffles filled with ice cream and a variety of toppings.

Six Flags Great America
1 Great America Parkway/I-94 At Route 132
Gurnee, IL, 60031
(847) 249-4636

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