Miller Park

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No, Miller Park is not a flashy amusement park dedicated to Milwaukee's local brand of beer! Miller Park is the gargantuan new baseball stadium that has served as the home field to the Milwaukee Brewers since opening in 2001. It is quite an engineering feat, as it is capped by a sliding fan-shaped roof structure that is opened and closed to coordinate with the weather conditions (Milwaukee seemingly has cornered the market on buildings with movable tops - see Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum addition). The roof weighs over 12,000 tons and can be closed in merely ten minutes. Despite its huge scale, it incorporates elements that promote a certain old-fashioned intimacy that appeal to the fans (brick facade, natural grass, manual scoreboard, etc.). Even if you are way up in the nosebleed seats of the fourth level, you still feel comfortable and part of the action.

The stadium has your mandatory modern color scoreboard, along with a section in left field for popular team mascot Bernie Brewer. Even if the game is a dull one, the always amusing "sausage race" during the 7th-inning stretch livens things up. Yes, four people dressed up as cartoonish sausages (bratwurst, Polish, Italian, hot dog) race down the foul line in a live version of those animated scoreboard races. If you are looking for more edible versions, there are plenty of food stalls in the stadium along with souvenir stands.

The plaza adjacent to Miller Park has bronze statues dedicated to Milwaukee baseball greats Henry Aaron and Robin Yount. There are also plaques commemorating workers who died during a tragic construction accident in 2000. Helfaer Field, a deluxe field for youth baseball and softball, is located adjacent to the main stadium. This is actually the site of old County Stadium, the former home field for many great Brewers teams over the years. Surface parking lots engulf Miller Park, but locals make the best of the situation by holding "tailgate party" cookouts before games.

Miller Park is west of downtown, near a leafy residential neighborhood. If you are really hot for baseball stadiums, you can even take a tour of Miller Park when there is no game for a nominal charge.

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