Luquillo Beach

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by books on December 26, 2002

Luquillo has a beautiful crescent-shaped white sand beach with palm trees that stretches more than a mile. The water is calm and clear. The girls were a little disappointed that there were no waves.

Families were here having a good time together. Children were everywhere, but none were obnoxious.

On a summer weekday, the beach was not crowded. I was told that it is very crowded on weekends. Judging from the large parking lot, I assume this is a popular weekend spot for people from San Juan. It does cost a few dollars to park.

We situated ourselves under some palm trees for shade. As the sun moved, we had to resituate ourselves. There were some shelters, but they were all taken.

There was a stand selling food, but we had purchased lunch from a Subway we passed in Luquillo since we didn't know what would be available.

The restrooms/showers weren't quite to the same standard as those on our Texas beaches, but they were available.

I recommend this beach especially to families with younger children. Teenagers are looking for a little more action.

Luquillo Beach
Off Highway 3
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

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