Sunset Strip

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by C_Wheel on December 8, 2002

Sunset Boulevard is lined with bars and clubs; the decision is where to go. I went on a bar crawl organised by the hostel to get a bit of a taste of the Strip.

Our first destination was The Saddle Ranch - a cowboy theme bar complete with a bucking bronco ride for the stupidly drunk. (If you're a girl and want a go you certainly get your money's worth as the (male) staff turn the machine way down low. Strange ....) Its a pretty big place and had no sense of atmosphere.

I was looking forward to the Red Rock, allegedly a rock club. I didn't notice it being particularly red and, sadly, it played no rock music. The dance floor is upstairs and played mostly R n B. I have to reccommend the big comfy sofas though.

We went to Miyagis next, a bizarre combination of sushi, bar and club. The club has several floors for its different functions with lots of mirrors. Definately more a place to show off than have a good time. Miyagis does have lots of cocktails though which are always good.

Our last stop was Dublins. As an Irish theme pub it has everything you expect - the Old Country decor, the drinks and the very, very drunk people. And at the end of the night that's exactly what we needed.

Sunset Strip was a fun night but if you're expecting LA glamour, you will be disappointed.

Sunset Strip
Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, California, 90048
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