The Magic House

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by funandsun on August 1, 2002

The Magic House is the children's museum for St. Louis. It is located in a neighborhood because it is kept inside an old Victorian home. Parking is found behind the home and is free of charge.

It's a great place to take kids because they have several hands-on exhibits. Our favorite is what we call 'the hair raiser'. It's a huge static electricity ball and when you touch it, no matter how long your hair, it will stand straight up on end. Be sure to take your camera because it makes quite a great picture memento!

There's an exhibit dealing in the power of using a pulley. There are 3 pulleys set up next to each other and a wooden seat at each one. Each has a different tension assigned so when you sit down and try to pull yourself into the air, some are harder to maneuver than others. Don't cheat and keep one of your feet on the ground to help you push, really try to use the pulley no matter how difficult! There's a room that uses your shadow and the effects of a kaleidoscope to form beautiful images on the wall. Once you reach the top floor, there's an easy way down to the bottom - with a 3 story high slide that's sure to put a smile on your kids face.

The Magic House is a fun place to take your youngsters and allows them the opportunity to run around and touch the exhibits without worrying about breaking anything!

Magic House
516 South Kirkwood Road
St. Louis, Missouri, 63122
+1 314 822 8900

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