Phoenix Zoo

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by BurliBear on November 28, 2002

Phoenix has a nice zoo that will get you plenty of exercise. There is a lot of walking between exhibits and in a couple of cases around exhibits.

They have a bear exhibit where the bears have lots of room to roam. The exhibit is in an area under trees and you walk and listen like you were in a jungle. However, you walk a lot before eventually finding an opening where you can see the bears. The amount of walking to see them depends on which part of the exhibit the bears are in.

The have a nice exhibit area with animals that are native to Arizona. A second real interesting exhibit is for the big horn sheep. It is quite a walk to see them but they have taken advantage of a natural small mountain. They put the sheep exhibit on this mountain where so can see them in a much more natural setting. Only problem is you walk for 10 to 15 minutes with nothing else to see to and there is no shade of any kind. I imagine that this view is brutal 6 months out of the year with the heat Phoenix gets.

They have a nice lion exhibit when you can see the lions very well and a tiger exhibit that is almost as good except the tiger can get down in the gully up near the front wall and be virtually impossible to see.

There was one white rhinocerous, who is 42 years old which is well beyond the normal life span for a rhinecerous. He had health problems but it appears they take good care of him.

As I said, a nice zoo (not great but nice) but be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Phoenix Zoo
455 North Galvin Parkway, 64th Street Between Van Buren & Mcdowell Roads
Phoenix, Arizona, 85008
(602) 273-1341

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