Rio Grande Zoo

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by BurliBear on November 24, 2002

A very nice zoo. Most of the exhibits are both animal and visitor friendly, meaning the exhibits are well maintained for the comfort of the animals and are not closed in with wires and bars to hamper viewing and taking pictures by the visitor.

This zoo is well laid out for walking and viewing, and not feeling, so that you walk forever without seeing anything.

A very nice exhibit of two koalas is a high light of the day. They are inside a bright building and you are in the building with them, but you can't get to them and they can't get to you. We were there within a half hour of the zoo's opening and both koalas were awake and for koalas, active. A keeper was in there part of the time and said it is normal for their koalas to be awake and active early in the morning virtually every day, so if you like koalas doing something other than sleeping, head for this exhibit first thing.

Rio Grande Zoological Park
903 Tenth St Southwest
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87102
+1 505 764 6200

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