The Beach at Tallac Historic Site

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by txtraveler on January 26, 2003

This was an absolutely delightful find! We've been to Taylor Creek for the salmon numerous times, but hadn't ventured behind the facility to find this gorgeous beach! Apparently, others don't know it's there either as we were there for about two hours and saw only one other person! Next time, we'll take a picnic lunch!

We found a fallen tree with a petrified shell inside the root, wonderful wildflowers, great pebbles and rocks, and the best part was the silence of the breeze as it moved across the lake and onto the beach. Marshy areas are restricted as they back up to the salmon areas and are protected for wildlife. The beach is immaculate and is bordered by woodland areas which back up to the Tallac Historic Site (see other journals)...a wonderful day! Good weather or bad, you'll enjoy this deserted gem!

Pope Estate and Tallac Historic Site
Highway 89
South Lake Tahoe, California, 95705
+1 530 541 5227

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