Queen Mary - Former Spruce Goose Site

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Christina A. Parsons on February 1, 2001

The Queen Mary, in all her majesty, is one of the most popular attractions in southern California. Permanently anchored at a Long Beach dock, she offers tour of her interior, fabulous parties and a picture perfect spot for special occasions. Admission to the museum has fluctuated between free, donation-oriented and $7 a person over the past few years as its ownership continues to switch hands. Make sure you contact the ticket office so that you are prepared. Inside, you can either guided or self-guided tours and explore the history and legends of the great ship. Some say that the top deck is haunted. You be the judge! Nights on the ship provide breathtaking views of the Long Beach skyline / California coastline. The hotel is of finer sorts and costs quite a bit to stay there. As for the gold-ball shaped building next to the Queen Mary, that is where the Spruce Goose was housed before it was permanently moved to Seattle, Wash.
Queen Mary
1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, California, 90802
+1 562 435 3511


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