Bell Rock

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kdog on November 12, 2002

Bell Rock is one of the many red rock formations in Sedona. It also has a vortex. This is a great place to really get the feeling of Sedona. Try and go at sunset or sunrise, the colours become so much richer.

You can park on the side of the road off Hwy 179. Make sure you have your parking pass. There are many well worn trails to take around the perimeter or climbing straight up. Or one could just sit on the smooth red rocks and do nothing.

I went at 8am on a Hot June Mornning during a heat wave.Ugh. I decided to just pick my way up to the top, weaving and jumping from rock to rock. I knew I wanted to get as high up on the Bell as I could and possibly find the Vortex. So off I climbed. I got about 3/4's of the way up and had to stop. The view was incredible. I sat down and took in the gorgeous valley. One could see the Chapel of the Holy Cross tucked up against the rocks. The Chapel is worth checking out, a beautifull structure and another great place to think.

The valley took on a whole new look. You could see for miles big red shapes in the distance. The red and orange colours melted together with the warm sun, it was truly amazing. I sat and thought about the Native Americans who walked this land and the local ruins that I had visited. Then my thoughts turned to wondering about my massage that I was getting in the afternoon. It was hard to just sit still and not think, but enjoy the Bell's energy. This is truly a magical place that everyone can enjoy.

Bell Rock
6246 State Route 179
Sedona, Arizona, 86351
(928) 282-4161

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