Court St.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by dvs7310 on January 30, 2001

There are many bars and clubs in the area, but 4 are affiliated. They are the Buzz, Papa's Planet, Generations, and Big Kahuna. I think they were 21 and up. You pay $5 cover at one and get a wristband that gets you into all 4 clubs all night. The Buzz was a Techno type club, Generations seemed to be 80's music, Papa's Planet seemed to be 80's too, then Big Kahuna's was mostly hip hop. We stayed at Big Kahuna's most of the night. The dance floors at all 4 clubs are small, but didn't seem too crowded.

All clubs except Big Kahuna also had older crowds, probably mostly over 25.

Court Avenue Bars
Court Avenue and 3rd Street
Des Moines, Iowa

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