Snorkelling with Sebago Watersports

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Gwilym Owen on November 6, 2002

Sebago Watersports was recommended by our guesthouse, which had a discount card. They also have a booth on the Land’s End Marina by the Schooner Wharf bar and another on the 600 block of Duval. In February, business is quite slow and we were able to drive a hard bargain for a snorkel and sunset cruise with free drinks for $20 each. They still tried the sales talk on us, but it’s a bit difficult when there’s an almost empty boat and only about 15 minutes to go.

There were about a dozen of us on board from all walks of life. As we departed on the giant catamaran (it has a capacity of about 40+!), we were given our snorkeling equipment and had our first (soft) drinks, getting to know the other people. It was good that there were so few of us, as it seemed a lot more personal than it would have with a large group. In high season it is important to remember that they ask you to arrive an hour before cast off--it does have a large covered area with seats and tables, but many people on a full trip would be sitting on the deck outside, so be early if you want good seats!

It took around 45 minutes to get to the snorkeling area and, as we approached, we had a quick lesson on how to snorkel safely with the equipment provided (mask, snorkel, flippers, and inflatable buoyancy vest). At the snorkeling site, we snorkeled for about an hour, which went very quickly. We saw many types of beautiful tropical fish, and some great coral formations. The reef here is very close (3-4 feet) to the surface in some places, so we had to be careful not to damage it--or ourselves!

Even in February, the water was fine, if a little choppy and we’d definitely had a good work out by the time we got back to the boat for the (now) alcoholic drinks! On the return, I got a chance to pilot the vessel, which was great fun!

Mother Nature provided us with a spectacular ‘final curtain’ on the evening in the form of a sublime Key West sunset, giving us a spring in the step for the balmy evening as we made a beeline for Duval St.!

Sebago Watersports
200 William Street
Key West, Florida
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