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The five GREAT LAKES of North America? Most of us learned (and forgot) about them in fourth grade:
  1. Lake Erie (No longer "dead"!)
  2. Lake Superior
  3. Lake Huron
  4. Lake Michigan
  5. Lake Ontario
Canadians and Americans hold these majestic waterways near and dear to the heart because deep water access from the Atlantic Ocean led to the center of North America on watery avenues for harvesting -- fur,feather,fin--and vast quantities of lumber. Chicago, on Lake Michigan, (the only lake within US borders) grew strong at the central heart pumping commerce and people across the land.

The Wendella Boat tours sail with 67 years of historical experience under their (life)vests. There’s a feeling of awe as you pass under the double decker Michigan Ave. bridge and glide into the Locks. As the Captain slips past Navy Pier, remember that when I was a child there were ocean freighters that still docked here amid steady decline. The new 100’ Ferris wheel allows a birdseye view of the city but when my mother was a child it was twice that size! My heart catches in my throat at the grandeur of the Pier today! We sail North first to see the amazing architecture of the John Hancock building (go later and have a drink at the 95th floor bar) and the Prudential Building before heading South to view the:

Next is Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain, which is a much larger replica of the fountain at Versailles. If you take the Wendella’s 2 hour cruise at 7:45pm, you will see this fountain lit-up like a confection under pink, blue, and green lights. Grant Park is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the Chicago Fire. All of the rubble from that destruction is the foundation of the Park. Recent construction of the parking garage and the Museum of Art has unearthed artifacts from that time. If you are a visitor to the city, Grant Park is sure to be hosting SOMETHING every summer weekend…. from concerts to festivals.

Re-entering the Chicago River gives us time to study architecture spanning the generations with too many for me to report in earnest with this word count! Highlights are the:

Sunshine gently warmed my skin while I sat on the foredeck relaxing and listening to the commentary. What a relaxing and entertaining way to enjoy Chicago!
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