Palazza Pitti's Garden of Boboli & Museo Degli Ar

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by adventuregirl on November 5, 2002

Romance, splendor, historic, transfixing, beautiful! From here you can see All of Florence! You can see the Duomo...YOU MUST CLIMB THE STAIRS TO SEE THE DOME AND THE TOP OF THE BUILDING...SKIP THE BELLTOWER - THIS IS BETTER though not for the unhealthy. You can see the St. Lorenzo Basilica (church), you can see the Palazzo Vecchio (castle in town by a lot of yummy places to dine and an area with many replicas of famous sculptures), the piazza Sta Maria Novella (an entire church made of a green and white marble exterior), the Palazzo Cupola (palace - go here! ), as well as every place in between.

PS: check out the website, where I found a great little hotel owned by a young and accommodating couple named Eva and Antonio.

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Florence, Italy

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