Billie's Everglade Park Swamp Safari

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by superpurd on January 27, 2001

You can get specific directions by picking up a brochure at any hotel or tourist info centre. This is a fairly large centre in the everglades that would appear to be able to handle about 1000 tourists a day. It was not very busy when we were there which was great for us. We took a ride in a large swamp buggy, which traveled on roads, through water and stopped to view lots of animals, both local and imported. Sort of a safari tour. Viewed several alligators, crocodiles as well as many African animals. We stopped at a hut where about 3 times a day a guide gave talks and demonstrations about poisonous snakes. Pretty good and lots of snakes etc. to look at while you are there. The highlight for us was a ride on a airboat through the everglades. The ride stopped to feed alligators, turtles etc. and got up pretty good speed a few times to give us some thrills. Incredibly smooth ride. Wish I could have taken one out by myself. There is a restaurant available for snacks, which was certainly nothing special. Cost was about $30 each. Worth doing especially if you have never seen the everglades or ridden in an airboat.
Billie Swamp Safari
Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, 30000 Gator Tail Trail
Clewiston, Florida
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