Museum of Science and Industry

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by dawn on January 24, 2001

(* parking garage fees of $7.75)

When I was a kid, this was my favorite place ! Real Airplanes hang from the ceiling as if they are divebombing you from a concrete sky. The full size coal mine takes you down the shaft in a miners elevator where you then ride the electric cars as if YOU are going to work ! The Space Center not only shows you spacecraft and tools, but lets you operate docking simulators or take your own mission on a virtual space ride... and there's more !

U505 GERMAN SUBMARINE WW11- captured on the high seas in 1944, this is the first enemy vessel to be taken at war since 1815. Can you imagine them towing this thing sloshing 2000 miles to port BEFORE moving it to Chicago ?(My Dad's company moved it just from the Lake to the Museum, and THAT was a pain in the neck!)Take a walk below deck to get a real DAS BOOT feel. It couldn't have been a nice experience for the sailors, but you will have a ball !!

COLLEEN MOORE'S DOLL HOUSE- Ms. Moore was an actress who commissioned set designers, jewelers, plumbers, and electricians to develop the world's most amazing doll house in 1926 that cost $ 500,000 (yep,back then!)

We are talking platinum chairs set with diamonds and emeralds in the palace dining area. Table services made out of gold, needlepoint tapestries small enough for Tinkerbell, marble bathtubs with gold dolphin faucets that work....and when the museum closes I am SURE that this place comes alive with a grand ball for the fairy princess !

Museum of Science & Industry
5700 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois, 60637
(773) 684-1414

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