Ocean Journey

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by thecopes on November 14, 2002

We had first heard that this new aquarium wasn't that good but we thoroughly enjoyed it! We found a coupon for two-for-one admission too. Convenient parking across the street is $6. Apparently when the adjacent Six Flags is open, there is a shuttle that runs from the parking lot over to Six Flags so you could go to both places and only pay to park once.

Ocean Journey isn't a huge aquarium, and instead of having tank after tank of fish and other sea life, it concentrates on two main exhibits: The Colorado River Journey and Indonesian River Journey. As you follow these two rivers from mountaintop to the sea, the corresponding surroundings and animal/marine life change accordingly. An excellent guidebook is provided to identify the wildlife and to provide interesting environmental information.

In the Indonesian River exhibit, everybody's favorite part is the Sumatran tiger exhibit. There is probably no other zoo/aquarium in the world where you can get such a close up look at these beautiful animals. A fine mist is pumped out throughout the exhibit to give you the feeling of being in the jungle.

The Colorado exhibit is less interesting, mostly due to the fact that trout and bass are not nearly as fascinating as the exotic Indonesian wildlife, but it is still well done. The flash flood exhibit is a highlight as the skies darken, lightning flashes, and a torrent of water heads at you (safely behind a thick pane of glass!).

There are also some small tanks outside of the river journeys that contain various fish, eels, and octopus. A touch tank full of sea rays is also a popular spot.

The first floor has an excellent and quite large otter exhibit which features both above and below water viewing. There are also a couple of VERY energetic otters in the Colorado River exhibit. Also on the first floor is a very large gift shop. There are some tables and chairs with free coffee available for the grownups while the kids check out all the souvenirs, which I thought was a nice touch. There is also a cafeteria featuring the standard zoo/aquarium fare with typical prices. Soda refills are free so we bought a souvenir cup for $3 and refilled it several times.

Outside is the Aquapod simulator which costs an additional $4 to ride. It's one of those shake you around type rides that you either love or hate. We didn't partake but we saw both laughing and crying kids emerge, so know your child's feelings on such things before you plunk down more money.

There is also a signed nature trail outside the aquarium that runs alongside the railroad tracks.

This is an excellent half day activity and with in and out privileges (just get your hand stamped), this could easily be combined with a trip to Six Flags.

Colorado's Ocean Journey
700 Water St
Denver, Colorado, 80211
+1 303 561 4450; +1


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