Singapore Night Zoo

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by romaunt on July 13, 2003

The zoo is off the beaten path of the city. If you are traveling by yourself, you have to take two different bus and it takes a good hour to hour in a half. My suggestion is to get a group together. A bunch of us from the hostel piled into four cabs and raced to the Zoo. Being from San Diego, which has the world famous zoo, I didn't think that this was going to be worth the time or the money. I was very wrong!

Everyone should go to the bat cave. Fruit-eating bats fly through the air with nothing in between you and the bats. You enter their cage and see these amazing creatures up and personal. They hang from the trees and you can feel their wings beating as they fly right over your head. I figured that these would be the small little bats that I had seen at home, and well, again I was wrong. The small bats are there and then there are the large crow size bats. :) It is a must see!

On the train, you see many animals and then you have to opportunity to get off the train and walk the trail to see them even better. There are tigers, bears, deer, sloths, and so much more. The trick is that the Zoo is only open for certain hours and this is the time that they feed them. Plus each animal's area is not too large, which gives you more of a chance of seeing them.

Take the family, take a loved one, take a group, but take my word and go to the zoo.

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore, Singapore, 729826
(65) 6269 3411

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