Palacio Nacional

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The President of Mexico has his office here, but this is not the reason why you should visit this Palacio Nacional. Oh no, more interesting are the wall paintings (murals) of Diego Riviera.

My guidebook said that one needs to show some ID to enter the Palacio, but we just walked in without showing anything, or maybe another possibility is the fact that we visited the Palacio as a group and that earlier our tour guide made the necessary arrangements, I don’t know. But if you want to enter without problems, carry your passport with you, so if they ask you can show it to heavily armed guards. By the way these guards do not like to be photographed. If you want a picture of these guards, ask authorization first.

The courtyard is built in a typical Spanish style. The Palacio Nacional is built on the same place were once stood the Palace of Moctezuma, were Herman Cortez has lived after he had conquered Mexico.

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Palacio Nacional-National Palace
El Zocalo
México City, Mexico, 06060
+52 5 5420508

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