Antigua Basilica de Guadelupe

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According to the legend, The Holy Virgin appeared here. It was the Indian farmer Juan Diego who saw her here at the foot of the hill, Cerro Del Tepeyac, on December the 9th 1531. And since that day his whole Indian community took the Virgin as their patroness. Even nowadays this Virgin of Guadalupe plays an important role in the religious life of most Mexicans. This Virgin is even more important then Jesus Christ.

At the place where the Virgin appeared they built a church around 1566; later on around 1709 they built this Basilica. Due to shifting because of the draining of the underground, this old building is breaking down. Since it became unsafe to receive so many believers there, the people decided to build a new church next to the old one. With a complex construction of racks they have tried to conserve the old Basilica.

The interior of the old Basilica looks really beautiful. Personally I liked the interior of the old Basilica then the interior of the modern one.

Antigua Basilica de Guadelupe
Plaza de las Americas 1
Mexico City, Mexico

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