Mount Taber

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by noelle_1 on October 5, 2002

Mt Tabor is the largest extinct volcano in a major city. It is a hill you can see from downtown. I go there to walk around and unwind. There are several unique things about Mt Tabor. One, there are lots of trails for trail running/hiking (probably up to 10 miles or so). There is a big water reservior at the start of the park that holds SE Portland's drinking water. The sun shimmers off the water in the early evening; it is quite calming. There are paths around the reserviors. You can watch the sunset over Portland from Mt Tabor - beautiful! Finally, Mt Tabor is a 'leash free' park. There is a hill side just beyond the reserviors that is a popular place to let dogs run and play with each other. I hear that Tues and Thurs are popular days, but I see lots of dogs each time I go.
Mount Tabor Park
SE 60 & Salmon
Portland, Oregon, 97215

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