Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Kathy on February 14, 2001

See info on Bus. That is how we got here for this day tour. The origins of Newgrange, one of the most important passage graves in Europe, are steeped in mystery. According to Celtic lore, the legendare kings of Tara were buried here, but Newgrange predates them. Built in 3200BC, the grave was left untouched and was excavated in the 1960's.

The most interesting thing that Archaeologists discovered that one the winter soltice. (December 21) rays of sun enter the tomb and light up the buriel chamber, making it the oldest solar observatory in the world. That was from my guide book. The rest is from me.

The tour was great although it could have been a little longer. We got the bus and they stopped 2-3 times on the way to see different things and to have lunch. By the time we got to Newgrange we really didn't have enough time to see all the interesting things in the visitor center.

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