South Carolina Aquarium

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Nahali Croft on May 28, 2002

The South Carolina Aquarium is a showcase for the animals, plants, and habitats of the Southeast Appalachian Watershed.

The new Mountain Forest Gallery, a glass-enclosed aviary, contains free-flying bluebirds, cardinals, thrushes, and Eastern towhees. The area depicts a mountain ravine at a cascade, and the plants are exactly what you would expect to see in a mountain forest. Animals roam throughout the exhibit, including fish, salamander, snakes, and river otters.

The Piedmont Shoals exhibit provides a below-water view of a rushing stream flowing over a rocky outcrop. In this fast-flowing environment, the fish have small, streamlined bodies adapted for fast swimming in fast-moving water.

Nearly two-thirds of South Carolina lies in the caostal plain. The Coastal Plain Gallery includes the Brownwater Swamp Exhibit, Swamp Snakes Exhibit, and the Blackwater Swamp Exhibit. In addition to the fish and snakes visitors can view in the Coastal Plain Gallery are the presence of several species of turtles.

The Coastal Exhibit also contains turtles, as well as birds, fish, and snakes that reside along the coast. Visitors can also see the Seahorse Exhibit. A backdrop of coral and a sand-filled bottom are used to highlight these colorful creatures.

The last of the five watersheds represented is the Great Ocean Exhibit. This gallery extends through two stories of the South Carolina Aquarium.The Great Ocean Exhibit contains 30,000 gallons of water, and it contains hundreds of animals and plants. The exhibit offers many different views, such as Sandy Seafloor, Deep Ocean, and Rocky Reef.

I would especially recommend this attraction to any family visiting Charleston since there are several hands-on activities throughout the aquarium, as well as the interesting animals. Of course, all nature lovers will delight in experiencing the different habitats and getting close-up views of the often elusive fauna.

South Carolina Aquarium
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