Queen Victoria Market

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by phileasfogg on September 3, 2002

Victoria Market- or to give it its full name, Queen Victoria Market- is one of those Melbourne institutions you can’t not visit if you’re in town. From the day I reached Melbourne, I’d been bombarded with stories of what a fun place Victoria Market was, so when I finally got off the tram on Elizabeth Street and walked till the turn (the market begins at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Victoria Street) I was expecting something pretty royal. Which was why, when I first saw Victoria Market, it came as a bit of a shock- because more than anything else, Victoria Market looks like a giant aircraft hangar. No posh glass-fronted Cartier and Chanel shops, no big stores- just loads of rather rough stalls which sell everything under the sun.

Victoria Market dates back officially to 1878, when it was formally inaugurated, although certain sections of the market are older- the meat market, for instance, opened in 1869. Many of the sections are classified as Historic Buildings, so there’s more to this market than just shopping. But if, like thousands of other visitors, you’re here for shopping, you’ll find plenty to choose from- DVDs, video cassettes, music CDs, T-shirts, sweaters and other clothing, food, electronic equipment, souvenirs- and more. There’s plenty here to keep you occupied for a few hours, and you pick up some great bargains.

Queen Victoria Market
513 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, Australia, 3000
+61 (0)3 9320 5822


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