Playas del Este

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While city of Havana has enough sites, culture and history to occupy a lifetime of travel, the weather ain't so shabby either (you are on a Caribbean Island after all). If a little surf, sun and sand are on your agenda and you aren't gung ho enough to jump off the banks of the Malecon into the ocean Playa Del Este is the perfect afternoon activity.

While the beaches to west of Havana are said to be more aesthetically pleasing, they are the property of the resorts that were opened during the country to bring in more revenue through tourism. Cubans are restricted from these areas and the resorts are known for their shady racial politics. Besides, if all you wanted was to sit on a beach with other Canadians and Europeans and go jet skiing, why not just go to Cancun? Playas del Este is the strip of beach where Cubans go to swim, play volleyball and show off some skin. This is not a mecca of spring break goofiness, but a meeting place of local life.

While there are some hotels along the eastern beaches, they are less exclusive than their western counterparts. Most like the Hotel Tropicoco are somewhat of an eyesore, but are convienient for bathroom access and calling a cab. There are several supermarkets in the area where you can stock up on beach snacks and there are many bars along the beach itself that serve (of course) mojitos and daiquiris.

Playas del Este are about a twenty minute cab ride outside of Havana proper. Most cab drivers are reliable to drop you off at a good spot. The ride cost about twelve dollars, but along the way you'll come across some camera worthy sites such as the national baseball stadium and an abundance of roadside billboards declaring the strength of la Revolution.

Playas del Este
Avenida Máximo Gómez a Vía Blanca
La Habana, Cuba, 19360
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