Impromptu Serenades: the Commons

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kjlouden on September 6, 2002

Unexpected surprises await you at the Commons. You may get to sit on a bench at the Visitors’ Info Center and watch a playful horse get saddled up! One certainty is that you can choose from a variety of impromptu serenades. Even on a Sunday morning, musicians haunt the Commons. Bring a picnic or visit a vendor’s cart for some ice cream, find a bench or spread a blanket on the green, and enjoy a violin.

When you want to move on, take a delightful stroll among historic statuary, monuments, fountains, and antique grounds. If you are travelling with children, they must get wet in the Frog Pond, of course, while grownups enjoy a table alongside the Concession. While you muse about the historic figures who have been here before, don’t miss the photo ops. When you are ready to leave the Commons, find the Charles Street exit so that you can cross to the antique Boston Public Gardens, established 1837.

Boston Common
Charles, Beacon And Tremont Streets
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116

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