Stanley markets

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by clarkie on September 3, 2002

Stanley Markets are worthwhile visiting. You can haggle over arts and crafts, antiques, prints, 'designer' clothing, CD's, electronics, children's toys, games and sporting equipment. You simply must haggle over price-it is part of the fun.

Each time I visit I buy the hand stitched cotton and linen sheets, tablecloths all beautifully embroidered somewhere in Hong Kong. Just as you walk into the markets you will find some antique stores tucked away down alleys and these are well worth visiting. They are treasure troves. I bought an opium pipe for a good price, some prints, embroidery and children's clothes. I got into a heated verbal argument with a store holder who wanted to sell me some 'Greg Norman' Golf shirts at an exhorbitant price...he eventually won. My business colleague speaks Mandarin and that came in really handy in getting the price down. Do not expect to find sensational fashion or designer homewares. It is more rustic than that. However, you will spend a couple of hours haggling over things you do not really want but do not mind being screwed over for a little bit of trivia. When you have finished the markets walk down to the beach to the French restaurant, take a table upstairs and you will simply adore their delightfully cooked fresh fish with a little white wine. The range of wines is improving in Hong Kong.

Stanley Market
South Side Hong Kong
Hong Kong
852 2807 6543

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