Spouting Horn Beach Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by aponyah on August 20, 2002

This fantastic park offers a blowhole which is a small lava shelf where water from waves is thrust through an opening, causing water and air to squirt out a blowhole. It is distinguished from other blowholes found around Hawaii in that it has an additional hole that blows only air, which causes this odd sound each time the waves come in. There is a wider blowhole that use to spout up to 200 feet in the air to the left by it was blasted by a local plantation owner in 1920 so the spray would not ruin his sugar cane crops. Stay on the viewing platform for your own safety as one person was killed in June of 2002. Great sea cliff views and a cute little harbor area as an extra. This natural attraction is free and really worth it. Also local craftsman sell there crafts in booths up from the viewing area. Great prices for souvenirs!
Spouting Horn
Lawai Road, across from Allerton Visitor's Center
Koloa, Hawaii, 96756
No phone available


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