Pink Lake

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by binta on August 3, 2002

about 60 - 90 minutes outside dakar is pink lake. the drive through traffic out of dakar takes you through the equilivant of suburbs to rural villages where the mango orchards contain tons of trees with fruit tempting to be picked by urban dwellers like me. Rural dakar reminds you of a dusty one lane road in rural texas or georgia. pink lake is a tourist site that sits off a country road. and the water is really pink. i walked on the edges of the shore where the water was a deep rose color and picked up shells with pink coloring inside the tunnels. the taxi cost us an equilivant of about $35.00 round trip for about 5 hours of the drivers time.
Pink Lake
Outside Dakar
Dakar, Senegal

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