River City Brewery (The Nightclub)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by lisanti on June 10, 2002

We had a bad experience attempting to eat here, but since it had been highly recommended as a dance club, we decided to check it out on a Saturday night.

Arriving about 11PM, the pay (valet if you want) parking lot ($3) was just about full. (I think you can park for free on the nearby streets, but they were packed too). We headed up to the front door of the restaurant, and once inside (no cover), we saw a few people milling around inside the fancy part of the restaurant, but all the action was to our right.

The indoor room had a small dance floor and was blasting Top 40 rap and dance music. The large rectangular full-service bar was serving up mixed and well drinks in large plastic cups for around $6. There were a lot of people in this room, but it was nothing compared to what awaited us out on the deck (large doors from this "room" led out to an outside deck).

The outside deck was packed with people dancing and standing around talking; you couldn't really tell where the dance floor began or ended. The music was different than what they were playing inside, but the same Top 40/rap format. A few tables on the upper deck were filled with people, and the bar on the lower deck and the one on the upper deck were serving up drinks. The large deck had an awesome view overlooking the St. Johns river, and the April breeze was very nice and kept us cool.

As with the other club we tried in Jacksonville, this one was filled with a very diverse crowd - all ages, all races, all classes. With plenty of room to move around, and two large dance floors, everyone was just there to have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere.

River City Brewing Co
835 Museum Circle
Jacksonville, Florida, 32207
+1 904 398 2299


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