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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by davidx on August 5, 2002

This is something quite special. It used to cost quite a bit but is now free, except for special exhibitions. Liverpool Road Station will be treated on the Railways page. The museum comprises several buildings, of which only the aircraft museum has a separate entrance. I have never been in this part yet but I am told it is first class.

The main part has numerous sections, the numbers not representing any order of preference.
1.]The Power Hall shows road and railway engines.
2.] The Gas Gallery shows not only early gas lighting but quite a number of early household devises which include a hair-dryer!
3.] The Electricity Gallery ahows major developments in the 20th century and illustrates the interiors of 1930s and 1950s houses. It is easy to forget the rate of change! The top floor deals with current problems including cases for and against nuclear energy.
4. The Underground Manchester section is one which I find particularly instructive and children love it if only because it IS underground. This is concerned with the construction of sewers and the provision of clean water and shows how some of the health risks of the 19th century were overcome.
5.]Fibres, fabrics and fashion has to be here of course and this presents textile history and its importance to manchester as you would expect, except that it covers present textile technology as well.
6.] The Futures Gallery deals with communication and predictably concentrates on the growth of IT.
7.] I have not seen the new Xperiment area but I hear that it is outstanding, allowing hands-on experiences for all ages with even a Discovery Den for the under 5s.
8.] Lastly there are sections on photography and on measuring instruments.

A great emphasis is placed throughout on child friendliness and on enabling the disadvantage to take full advantage. The museum and the general tidying up of Castlefield are credits to late 20th century Manchester.

Museum of Science & Industry
Liverpool Road Castlefield
Manchester, England, M3 4FP
+44 161 832 2244

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