The Star Ferry

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Timone on August 27, 2002

Starting as I did from the Kowloon side the Star Ferry is next to the Old Colonial Clock Tower. There are two levels to the green and white boats, the First Class level costing $2.20HK and the lower Second Class level costing $1.70HK. You can either pay at a token booth or by depositing coins in the slot which tends to be faster. Then the whistle blows, the gates open and people shove and barge on inorder to get the best seat. The seats are comfortable enough for the 5 minute ride to the other side and the ride seems to take you back in time to when the ferry was the only way to get across the harbour. At the other side (Hong Kong Island in my case) expect the pushing and shoving to begin as people exit the ferry just as quickly. On HK Island, the ferry docks near to the City Hall.

The ride is relaxing whatever time of day you take it and has to be done at least once to 'complete your HK experience'.

Star Ferry
Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong and Kowloon
+852 2367 7065

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